Faster, smarter, cheaper operations through automation.

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WALKOFF puts the tools in your hands to easily automate the tedious repetitive tasks dragging your operations down.

Act smarter with WALKOFF by automatically gathering data, analyzing data, or visualizing data customized to your requirements.

Act faster with WALKOFF by integrating the capabilities you already own to dynamically respond on your terms to your fast moving environment.

What We Offer


Automate Faster

Easy to Use

Drag and drop workflow editor. Sharable apps and workflows.


Deploy on Windows or Linux. Python 2.7 and 3.4+. Scale to your needs.


Plug and play integration of almost anything with easy to develop apps.

Visual Analytics

Send workflow data to custom visual interfaces to act with confidence.

Save time.

Save money.

Do more.

Harness the power of automation on your terms.

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Infinite Possibilities

Example Workflows and Demos

WALKOFF needs you!

An active community is essential for our success. Help us to develop and promote a common integration format that would enable the seamless deployment of WALKOFF apps across participating platforms. This way we can all spend less time repeatedly developing [or buying] the same integrations for every seperate platform and framework and spend more time solving problems.

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